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    Covered parking spaces:

    Availability of parking spaces rental, only fo 55,00 €/month, plus VAT. Call and ask.



    Eat at home, since 7,50 € the daily menu y 6,00 € through menu. Breakfast offers.


    Modern facilities

    We designed a functional module minimum of 90 m2, initially diaphanous can add one or more as necessary. These modules are equipped with all necessary facilities for your company, A / C and electricity facilities, telecommunications and automation, which are hidden, thanks to the ceilings and access floors on-high (allow hiding and orderly conduct all these facilities under the floor; that leaves a working space more confortable and cleared; so giving the possibility to change the distribution of jobs at any time without works).

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  • Biography


    Since the inception of our company in 1972 in the field of construction and real estate, primarily in the polygons of the Province of Málaga, decided to locate in the PTA and build this emblematic building in honor of the members of our Company Founder WORKSHOPS Codina, SL. Cutting edge design, made ​​of metal structure with curtain wall enclosure in interior atrium and 15 meters high, making it a unique building. The Premier building opened, its doors on May 27, 2002, was built with the function of holding companies that need a technological infrastructure for the development of their functions. The building is divided into 4 floors of offices and 2 car parks, has about 24 modules available from 90sqm

    Our building is intended to telecommunications companies and research, consulting and legal and accounting firms. Companies like LeoSoft, El Corte Ingles travel and Coritel-Accenture, among others, are housed here.

    Our sales targets

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    Coffee shop


    Building plans

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      * Garden areas
      * Restaurant
      * Building secure 24-hour, 365 days per year
      * 200 parking spaces
      * Radio, TV
      * Pre-installed air conditioning
      * Raised flooring
      * Tinted thermal Crystals
      * Panoramic visibility
      * Travel Agency (above the cafeteria)

    About us

    Garden areas

    The presence of green areas around the workplace, make it a more pleasant place to work, direct contact with natural environments contributes to higher performance at work, better cognitive functioning, increased mental health and provides an ideal place to relax.


    We have 340 square meters accessible from both inside and outside. Food from a healthy diet, with excellent quality in all ingredients. We offer daily menus served in the restaurant, comprising: first course, second course, dessert, drink and bread, at affordable prices.


    Our building has 200 parking spaces on two floors, check prices.

  • Contact information

    Vicente Codina
    Edificio Premier Andalucía

    C/Maria Curie N°1, 29590
    Campanillas (Málaga)
    PTA Andalucía

    Phone: 952 028 570
    Fax: 952 020 360


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    One of the iconic buildings in the Technological Park of Malaga, with its situaci�ny design. The building has 6,000 square meters of offices for rent. Because the ordinance of the parcel on which the building is located, we are able to accommodate companies with a wide range of activities, in fact the ground floor of the building, is used for commercial activities such as banking, agencies travel and retail trade in general. How private enterprise in the real estate sector, companies wishing to locate in our building will not need prior filing project. We have 200 parking spaces on two floors, decks, monitored and listed. 4,500 square meters of gardens and 1,400 square meters of gallery open interior that makes your work environment more enjoyable.


    Located at street level, it is our cafe-restaurant Premier, with a superb a la carte, daily menus and how not to their breakfasts. Enjoy your home kitchen, based on the Mediterranean diet. In our gallery, located on the ground floor is Viajes el Corte Ingles, a travel agency specializing in business, but feel free to inquire at their continuous offers.